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Keeping your dogs safe during fireworks

Although bonfire night traditionally is on 5th November, for many reasons fireworks displays are spread over a 2 week period, which is pretty annoying for pet owners. It can cause many problems with your dogs, cats and other animals, particularly if they are sensitive to noise and bright lights. Fireworks nowadays are so much louder than they used to be and unless you jaunt off to some ‘firework free’ island around the end of October, you’ve no chance of avoiding them!

So what can we do to ensure our lovely dogs don’t get stressed by the loud bangs that will inevitably be dominating our environment?

Make sure your dog’s microchip details are up to date and if possible that there are wearing their ID tag, so if they do get startled and run off, they can be traced back to you.

Keep all your windows and doors closed to try and muffle the sound, also keep all curtains and blinds closed – this will help muffle the sound further and will hide the bright flashing lights which can also be distressing.

Walk your dog during the daytime, not in the evening, keep them on their lead, just in case any fireworks are let off early. Let them out into the garden just before it gets dark so you can then keep them in until after the fireworks have finished. Stay out in the garden with them to ensure they do not get scared, particularly just in case a firework may go off.

Indoors keep your household calm – act happy and cheerful and do not react to any loud noises you hear. Keep it as normal as possible. Have music playing or turn the sound up slightly on your TV to try and drown out any noises from outside.

If your dog seems distressed comfort them and try and distract them. If they want to be left alone, just leave them alone and ensure there is a comfortable place for them where they can feel safe.

Reward your dogs with treats for calm behaviour and don’t get annoyed with them if they bark – after all that’s what dogs do!!

There are plug-ins available which give off dog-calming pheromones, these may help if fireworks are a real issue for your dog.

What do you do to help your dog during fireworks?

What makes a dog friendly pub?

What do you think?

We would love to know!

Personally I think little touches such as bowls of water tell a big story! That is the first thing we look for when judging whether an establishment is dog friendly or not. After all we are having a drink so why shouldn’t our dogs too!

It is nice to have a choice of sitting inside or outside – just because we have dogs it doesn’t mean that we want to sit outside in torrential rain, eating our pub grub, with rain dripping off our noses. It also doesn’t mean that we want to feel like second class citizens.

Then of course there are those lovely people who go the extra mile and have dog treats available, or better still – talk to our four legged friends and pay them the attention they deserve 💖

What matters to you?

The Dolphin Hotel, Beer, Devon

If you visit Beer in Devon, or one of the surrounding villages, the Dolphin Hotel is definitely worth a visit for dinner.

It is located on Fore Street and parking is available in the car park very close by. The Dolphin is dog-friendly, there is a small courtyard out the back where you can eat in the sun, additionally they are happy for dogs to join you inside the pub while you dine. The food is of such excellent taste and quality that it became our favourite place to eat while we were there.

Aside from the food being absolutely delicious, I liked the fact that we were given a large portion of vegetables as an accompaniment to some of the dishes, as well as a choice of potatoes – chips won each time though as – hey we were on holiday, but it makes you feel a bit better when you counteract the chips with broccoli, carrots and peas!

I would definitely recommend the sirloin steak, it was cooked absolutely perfectly, we also tried the burgers which were lovely and served in a brioche bun, the Devon chicken was also delicious – this came with the side dish of mixed vegetables too.

The staff were all really friendly and accommodating and made the dining experience really enjoyable – they have definitely cracked it with their customer service skills and delicious food and know how to get customers to return!

Duke and Ellie say

We loved visiting the Dolphin for dinner and lots of humans stopped to say hello to us and said how gorgeous we are, we are starting to feel like celebs! The nice people who worked there gave us yummy dog treats and made lots of fuss of us. Even when we sat inside because it had been raining, we had lots of room so we were able to avoid being trodden on.

We didn’t stay there but they also have dog-friendly rooms in the hotel too.

You can find out more and view the menu here https://www.dolphinhotelbeer.co.uk/food-drink

All opinions are my own, we were not gifted any meals at the Dolphin.